Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Changing the thermostat for a 1998 Civic?

the thermostat recently went on my civic so i went and bought a new one im pretty sure i know how to change it but i just want to make sure im right?? what is the correct way to change it?Changing the thermostat for a 1998 Civic?
SOME of them are on the LOWER hose - not sure about yours.Changing the thermostat for a 1998 Civic?
The side with the spring goes towards the engine.Changing the thermostat for a 1998 Civic?
make sure your car is cold before u start the job. empty your radiator and turn the heater control to hot, and try to blow out as much coolant as u can to prepare the system to be flushed as now is the time to do it. follow the lower radiator hose up to the thermostat housing, remove the clamp and then the hose. there will be 2 10mm head bolts holdong the housing on as well as a third bolt holding ground wires, remove the ground wires and then the holding bolts. shove a garden hose down all your openings and flush till clean water comes out. put the new thermostat with a new gasket into place and reverse the removal steps. the TRICK to filling up the coolant. a couple of inches behind the thermostat, on the housing, is a bleeder for the coolant. because u flushed with water, pour pure coolant up to 3/4 of a gallon in to the radiator. mix whats left with water to 50/50 and top off. fire up your car and look for any leaks. good luck

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