Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thermostat change in MX3?

My car doesn't ever seem to warm up or takes a very long time doing so. Someone has suggested that the thermostat is not working, but after doing some research I found that someone else changed theirs with no change. Could there be anything else wrong? It runs perfectly, but even though the heat gauge shoots up to half way shortly after running, it does not generate heat until it has run for quite some time, and even then very sparingly. Any idea how I can resolve this please?Thermostat change in MX3?
Drain the coolant out of the radiator. Take the radiator off the car and fill it up with water and see if it comes out of the bottom of the radiator. If not the radiator is blocked which is causing your problem i have ahd this problem 4 or 5 times on mx3s and early mx5sThermostat change in MX3?
it could be the heater matrixThermostat change in MX3?
The radiator, in extreme cold, cools the coolant faster than the engine can heat it so your thermostat is closed more than open and coolant does not circulate properly. Therfore the heater can't put out warm air. You can partially cover your radiator to reduce the air flow and it will run hotter. Ever notice trucks with radiators partially blocked ?

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