Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to chage a mazda 626 thermostat?

mazda '91- 626 need to change thermostat I just changed the RadiatorHow to chage a mazda 626 thermostat?
Make sure to get the same temperature thermostat and a new gasket or O ring when you buy it. Remember which way the thermostat sits on the engine block when you remove it. You might want to change that upper radiator hose at the same time. Buy some worm drive hose clamps too.How to chage a mazda 626 thermostat?
drain a little coolant from the radiator to lower the fluid level below the thermostat

remove the radiator hose from the engine block. it's in there somewhere. you might have to move a few things. just don't move the distributor.How to chage a mazda 626 thermostat?
remove the housing, make sure you put the thermostat back in the same way up as the old one was with a new 'o' ring. If it still pressurises and blows water out you are looking at at least a new cylinder head gasket or water pump.
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