Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do I change this thermostat?

My house has separate furnace and air conditioning systems. The second floor thermostat is the older kind that you have to set to either %26quot;Heat%26quot; or %26quot;Cool%26quot; plus dial it to the desired temperature.

I would like to replace this with thermostat where I just set the temperature -- and the heat or A/C comes on automatically as needed.

Is that a simple wire-for-wire swap that I can do myself? Thanks.How do I change this thermostat?
1. Get a t-stat that is designed for conventional heating. and one that operates on batteries so you don't get confused with having to connect a common wire.

2. On the new t-stat. Rh will be used for the red wire coming from the furnace. and W - for whatever color is used for W on the old t-stat.

3. Rc will be used for the whatever is used for R - on the old a/c t-stat. Connnect whatever color that goes to G on the old a/c t-stat to G on the new t-stat. and the same for Y.

If there is a jumper wire installed between Rc and Rh from the factory - you will need to remove it.How do I change this thermostat?
There are the computer controlled thermostats available they run around $45 and up and use a battery. they aren't hard to install just hook up the wires and the hard part is the set-up.How do I change this thermostat?
every one I have seen is either or switch has three positions heat on top cool or a/c on bottom center position offHow do I change this thermostat?
The old on-off thermostats will not work for what you have planned. They run off of two conductor cable (red %26amp; white) You will need a newer dual action thermostat and seven conductor thermostat wire. You may already have seven conductor wire if you have more than one thermostat and the house has been divided into zones.

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