Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to change thermostat in 1996 jeep cherokee?

vehicle is over heating , is it the thermostat or the water pumpHow to change thermostat in 1996 jeep cherokee?
to changer the tstat, be sure your jeep is cooled down. then you follow the top radiator tube to the engine. loosen the clamp holding the hose to the engine. open your radiator cap to release any pressure. once the clamp is loosened, move the clamp down the hose away from the engine. pull the hose off the engine. (you are going to spill a little fluid at this point.) the nipple that the hose was connected to should be removed. this is done by removing two or three bolts, depending on the engine. once that is off, the tstat is there, take it out (it should come out by hand, if not lightly use a flat head screwdriver to pry it out, being careful not to scratch the engine) installation is the reverse of removal :)How to change thermostat in 1996 jeep cherokee?
If you are not seeing a leak or hearing any unusual noise from the water pump; I would change the thermostat. It is easier and cheaper than the water pump. If it turns out to be the pump; you would change the thermostat anyway, so you really are not out any money. Hope this helpsHow to change thermostat in 1996 jeep cherokee?
the previous answers are correct . i am going to add one other, the radiator. if it is clogged then you will continue to overheat. have it flushed and see what comes out of the drain plug. if dirt and other foreign objects are coming out of the drain then remove the radiator and have it cleaned.

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