Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How much to fix a heater core?

I have a Ford Tarus 99 how much would it be to fix a heater core??? Plus if we have changed thermostat, flushed ratiator and heater still don't work it the heater core definatly the problem????How much to fix a heater core?
Ok a few questions for you. Does the blower blow air? And did all the air get out of the system? If it didn't it could be causing a air pocket that won't let the fluid flow. but if all of that is good then it really shouldn't cost that much depending on where you liveHow much to fix a heater core?
When you had done all of the items. When you where running the car did you turn on the heater? It will take some time for the new fluids to make its way back into the core. Start car and turn on the heater. Open radiator cap first to get a good flow. Warm up car. Check after about 10 min. to see if you have good flow in radiator. When there is a good flow. Then check to see if you have heat. Replace radiator cap. Then recheck heater. If not working still, Then check for a collapsed heater feed line hose.How much to fix a heater core?
The labor time needed to make a heater core repair is 5 hours per ALLDATA. The factory heater core is $74.00, so this is not a really quick or cheap repair. I'm guessing from what you have done so far on the vehicle that you are having overheating problems. The only thing that really happens to heater cores is they begin leaking when they get older. If you are having overheating problems....the first thing to check (since you have replaced the thermostat) would be to make sure the electric fan is kicking on like it is supposed to....these are controlled with by a module and I believe they operate at 2 different speeds. I hope this helps.
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