Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Changing thermostat for Toyota Camry 2000?

I have Engine check light ON, the error message is P0128.

With reference to my post yesterday, i might have to change thermostat of my car. Now i have two questions

1. How do i find out that Thermostat is not working ?

2. Is it possible to replace thermostat on my own ?Changing thermostat for Toyota Camry 2000?
1. Boil a pot of water on your stove, now drop the thermostat into that water and you should be able to see the thermostat open up. If the thermostat doesn't open than it is bad and needs to be replaced.

2. Yes you can replace the thermostat on your own, it's really quite simple. Make sure when you buy a new thermostat that it comes with a seal because this eliminates the need to buy a separate gasket. Before installing a new thermostat, place the new thermostat in boiling water so it can open up for the first time. Sometimes if you don't do that than your car will overheat before the thermostat opens up for the first time. To locate where the thermostat is on your vehicle, follow the upper radiator hose to where it meets the engine. That is where the thermostat is located. You didn't mention what engine you have but you may need to remove something to gain better access. Now drain your coolant into a clean container because if your coolant is in good shape you can reuse it and you don't want other contaminants in your coolant. Now just remove the thermostat housing which usually just requires removing a couple bolts and pull the housing away from the engine. Remove the thermostat and clean the surfaces of the housing and the engine so you get proper seal. Install new thermostat in the same way it came out, DON'T INSTALL IT BACKWARDS!!! Now put everything back together and refill your cooling system with either new coolant or reuse your drained coolant if it is still good. Run your car for fifteen minutes, make sure it doesn't overheat, check for leaks and top off coolant as needed.

Good Luck!Changing thermostat for Toyota Camry 2000?
In reverse order, yes you can replace the thermostat yourself. Get yourself a repair manual for your vehicle and it'll walk you through it. It's not hard at all. As for testing the thermostat, there's a couple of ways to see if it's opening or not. First, take the cap off the radiator and start the car. Let it warm to operating temperature and then watch the coolant in the radiator. It it's moving then more than likely the thermostat is opening and doesn't need replacement. If you don't notice any movement of the coolant, you can remove the thermostat and put it in hot water. The thermostat body should have a temperature stamped into it and if you place it in water that temperature, you should be able to see it open.Changing thermostat for Toyota Camry 2000?
A simple test to find out if the thermostat is opening or not is to heat up some water on the stove to about 180 degrees, and then place the thermostat into the water. If it is working properly, it will quickly open up.

you have to drain some of the coolant.

to locate your thermostat, look where the end of the top radiator hose leads to the engine,at the end of the hose is the thermostat housing, the thermostat is inside it....

take out the thermostat housing you will find the thermostat.

(your going to need new gasket when you put it back)

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