Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2000 Expedition,How can I get heat?

I changed the thermostat and ETC sensor and bled the air from the system.The temperature gage still stays on cold and hardly any heat comes out from the vents What do I do to get the temp gage to come up and get heat?2000 Expedition,How can I get heat?
It is pretty ******* cold out and the Engine will not heat up if your running the heater before the engine heats up!

You also could have bleed the engine but not the heater. Hold the highest heater hose in the air spliced with the other end. Fill them both, when the are full connect them with a flushing bracket/three way.

And if it happens Again just lift the three way and release the air.2000 Expedition,How can I get heat?

Try this , loosen your return heater hose with the truck running and just starting to warm up. That should get the air out of the heater core.

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