Thursday, September 22, 2011

Have a 1990 hoda accord wont start?

i changed the oil and replaced the pan gasket, changed the thermostat had to disconect 2 sensors to get to the thermostat did not disconect battery.. put everything back the way i took it off did not break any wires off ...or for get anything went to start the car and car wont start any ideals, on why it wont start by not disconnecting the battery when i took off the sensors have anything to do with it? and if so how do i reset the the brain tryed to disconect the batery and reconnecting car turns over just wont startHave a 1990 hoda accord wont start?
Sounds to me as if a trip to the local Honda repairman for a little talk is advisable.

If your battery power is low, charge it.

Check the connections that you disconnected to make sure -- if you can do it without loosing all the new oil you put in.

You didn't touch by mistake the wires from the ignition system?

Sorry, not much help -- if your car turns over, I would try again, this time floor the accelerator and keep it there - no pumping -- while you let the engine turn over for a little while. If it is flooded this should help.

Edit: perhaps by means of a voltmeter you may be able to determine from the outside if inside sensors (if that's what they were) are connected properly?Have a 1990 hoda accord wont start?
it sound liek ur crank sencor got disconected other then that then ur rotor module got burned out .unless it's newer brand andrun on a module and coil .Have a 1990 hoda accord wont start?
sounds like your crank sensor(located by the pan gasket on the engine block) it may have come disconnected without your knowing.

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