Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How can I lower My electric bill?

What are some simple habits to lower my electric bill? Last month I changed my thermostat maybe 3 times, now I'm keeping it the same. Does keeping my light on in the evening make a big difference. Live in an apartment, water is free.How can I lower My electric bill?
Your light is very cheap to operate

here read these and clean the coils on your refrigerator

Also the best way is turn your heat off when you are gone.

Or just enough to keep things from freezing

The less it runs the less it costs ,,it is just that simple.

All those that say %26quot; it costs more to heat every thing up when you get home are WRONG.

very wrong. If you want to save money on heating or A/C . TURN IT OFF WHEN YOU ARE NOT THERE. Not just turn it up and down a few degrees, that is BS. To save money you turn it off. Unless it is winter and then you turn it down to 40 degrees so nothing freezes.

Do you leave your car running all night when you are not driving it ? No.

same with heat and and A/C. can I lower My electric bill?
Keep your freezer full

Change your bulbs to CFLs

Shut the lights off in rooms you are not in

unplug anything that is on standby (tv, computer, dvd, etc.)

Turn your thermostat down when you are not home and at night.How can I lower My electric bill?
I agree with Boston but there seems to be a conflict about temperature settings. Try it yourself when you're leaving for maybe 8 hours. If you like the idea of turning it OFF when not home, then do it when it's freezing outside. My guess is you will return to a cold apartment and it will take an hour or two to return to normal.

Then try it again by lowering the setting by maybe 5 deg. (still freezing outside) and see how it feels when you get home and how long it takes to get comfortable. Up to you, if you have a nice warm blanket (or an alternative source of heat) keep it off as long as you can stand it.

We pay for Heat (and A/C) to be comfortable. I'd suggest dropping it a few degrees at a time, while gone, until it reaches an uncomfortable level and then, adjust based on your personal comfort level.

If it's only you in the apartment and you have a regular schedule, you might want to look at a programmable digital thermostat. Problem is, they are a real pain to reprogram or set manually if your schedule changes or you have a day off. Be comfortable.

By the way, in addition to Boston's suggestions, any plug-in %26quot;chargers%26quot; you have for mobile devices (cell phone, etc.) use energy as long as they are plugged into the socket, even if the phone, etc., is not connected.How can I lower My electric bill?
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