Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dodge Ram heater problems?

I have a 1998 dodge ram 5.2l and i have a few problems with my heater. First of all on the setting with the heater blowing right at you, only the vents on the driver side blow air and the passenger vents will not. Then i am hearing a loud noise under the passenger dashboard which im pretty sure is the fan/motor, it just sounds like a really loud fan (louder than normal). This noise comes and goes and it gets louder the higher the fan is blowing. Another problem i am having is when my engine is at a high RPM the fan will switch from the vents in your face to the defrost vents. I am pretty sure i have to change a check valve somewhere but i do not know which one or where. Another problem is that my heater does not really blow hot air just warm, i believe this is because my engine heat is always a little low, it will never even reach half it is usually around 1/3 even once fully warmed up. I believe changing my thermostat will fix this but im not sure. My last problem is that when my fan is blowing on the defrost setting there is sometimes a rotten smell.

If you know how to fix any of these problem that would be greatly appreciatedDodge Ram heater problems?
you need to pull the heater box out and clean it and check the vent doors real good on it, chances are one isn't opening up all the way and the thermostat may be causing some of the problems with it also, and the low heat problem can also be caused by a clogged heater core,the noise could be the heater motor going bad also,if i had that one i would pull th box out and go through it real good and make sure everything was working right before i put it back together again,good luck with it.Dodge Ram heater problems?
I am sure you should change the thermostat.

May have a problem in your heater/ac unit(big black box behind the dash). If the mode or blend(cold to hot) cable or actuator(vacuum) is not right, all of these things could occur. The whole unit gets manifold vacuum through the firewall and it uses a one-way check valve(very small). All these things need a vacuum pump to check em. It is only about thirty bucks and very useful for other things. Also I think a foreign object(animal even) or something is caught up in the unit. If you remove the whole dash and /or lift it up, the whole box comes out. It fastens on the top so try first fixing it in the truck, remove the blower motor(if possible), do the thermostat, and take out the blower motor cage and see what you got. Some systems are electrically operated and may require a computer to repair(BCM). You can reset all of the motors and use a scanner to test that type.

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