Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why is my ford ka blowing out cold air?

its a ford ka 2 1998 s reg and it has started blowing out cold air, i had the thermostat changed but that was not the problem as the old one wasn't even broke. my dad then went to check the heater control panel which when he tried to undo the factory clips the pipes to the heater control panel fell apart, we have ordered a new heater control panel which wont be delivered till tomorrow, could this be the reason why it was blowing cold air out? as the car is quite old and the plastic pipes had perished.also can anyone give me any tips how to drain and refill the coolant system when my dad is fitting the new heater control panel? thanksWhy is my ford ka blowing out cold air?
hi its proberly the heater valve they had problems with them on the ka and fiestas its located on the bulk head should have two coolant pipes going in to it and two coming out they can be tricky to replace but i would say it is that as they were always going. Also to drain and refill system you can drain at the rad by undoing the drain plug on the bottom of the rad let it drain then lock it up. refill system run it up at idle with the cap off for about 3-4 mins check level and fill just over max mark. put cap on and turn the heater to the middle position then with the car running hold the rvs at about 3000rpm for about five mins. let throttle off and turn heater to hot check you have hot air coming out vents if not repeat process. after your done let engine fully cool and check the level in the tank top if required.Why is my ford ka blowing out cold air?
It is usually the heater control valve that goes faulty on the Ka and the Fiesta.

They are not expensive and they are obtainable from most good motor factors (Partco) etc. No need to go to the main dealer.Why is my ford ka blowing out cold air?
Unless you drain the system completely make sure you put ford anti-freeze in. Some don't mix well and turn to jelly.Why is my ford ka blowing out cold air?
10 is not should let a mechanic fix it.1..there r little doors that open/close to move heat around

2 could be plugged heater core.Why is my ford ka blowing out cold air?
It's only ten years old, that's not old, not these days.Why is my ford ka blowing out cold air?
To drain.. on the underside of the radiater there wil be a stopcock of some kind, possible a plastic bung looking thing ith a cross on it, like a massive phillips screw, or it could be a knob.

Undo the water resevoir lid and jack the vehicle up. Using a collecting vessel underneath to collect the cooland loosen the stopcock,

If the water resevoir lid is off the water should drain. Wait till its all gone then tighten the stopcock back up.

(note to get to the underside of the radiator you may need to unscre the plastic cover under the vehicle using an allen key or a torx key.

Lower the vehicle and with the resevoir lid off and the heaters control on %26quot;hot%26quot; and the fan on, start the engine (have plenty of coolant mixed to hand!!)

Start filling the reseviour with the engine running. Do this slowly. Fill to max let it go down, fill to max, let it go down.. it shouldnt take long, a minute or two. At some point the water will stop going down below the max line (dont overfill!)

Replace the water resevoir lid and allow engine to warm up. Check for leaks top make sure everything was tightened up properly.

If all is working once the engine has warmed up the heaters should blow hot.. if so all is done.

Dispose of used coolant correctly, i.e. not down a drain but in a sealed container to the local tip who can dispose of it properly.

check it the next day to make sure its not gone down and top up if neccesary, check for leaks on ground if the level has dropped a lot. Tighten and retop up if required.

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