Thursday, September 22, 2011

How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?

I bought a 2003 ZR2 S-10 4.3 Vortec V6 in December. I drove it from Chicago to Detroit with no problems. I had the oil, trans and radiator flushed and changed. I changed the thermostat three weeks ago (Jan) because of overheating, and refilled the coolant. Now (Feb) I get a ticking when I start the truck cold, it goes away when the engine warms up. I hasn't made this noise before. The oil level is good and pressure is at 40. I've driven a Ford most of my life and wanted a change. Did I make a mistake buying a Chevy?How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
cheap fix to flush lifters clean is to add a quart of automatic trans. fluid about 100 to 2000 miles before you change oil this should clean the lifters out if not you either have a stck lifter or maybe a cam going GOOD LUCKHow do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
keep oil fresh...ticking cause no oil on lifters on cold start and it takes a while to get's cold ya know and thicker...or my dodge does that cause the bearings are going out on the idler pulley...maybe a belt slapping....i wouldn't worry too much as long as it runs good...How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
I'd add a quart of Lucas oil treatment the next time you do a oil change instead of one of the quarts of oil.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way Lucas could even help by adding a few thick drops now to the oil.How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
Up Waite your oil and have your valves readjusted! Don't try any TV gimmicks ( for give my spelling )How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
The %26quot;Lucas treatment%26quot; only HIDES the noise. It will NOT fix it. Shotty Mechanics use that trick to sell cars. The guy that sold it to you probably used that trick himself. Aside from that, A ticking noise can come from almost any where. A trick to see if it is a lifter or not....Take a flat head screw driver, Put the handle to your hear and the Flat metal head on your valve cover. If you hear a nice loud tick then you should look into fixing your lifter.

If you have a 4.3 Chevy motor you actually have a great motor and I wouldn't pay it any mind. Keep an eye on the oil level. I drove and 85 s-10 around for about 7 years and changed the oil one time. Just kept adding when I thought it was low. :D

GoOd LuCk ((O_o))How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
try a another weight oil

or replace lifter

sorry lifter ticking is a chevy problem its always been i been driving 40 yrs

i drive fords when i can

but that chevy might tick for years as well try going up a oil weight

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